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What makes us different?

Designed by vintage fashion sellers for the vintage fashion community, Fashion Constellate is a Marketplace that understands your business. Selling vintage clothing professionally for more than 10 years gave us first hand experience with the frustrations associated with other online selling platforms. The community has needed a stable marketplace specific to vintage fashion and Fashion Constellate is the venue we’ve been waiting for. Let us provide the stability you need to take your business to the next level.

We’ve got your back.

Support is essential for our sellers. We understand the issues you face, because we do this for a living too. Using standardized listing and return procedures allows Fashion Constellate to offer support in a way other platforms can’t. We are also taking on the task of educating buyers, teaching them what to expect when buying vintage, so you can spend more time promoting your business and living your life.

Consistency is key.

Fashion Constellate maintains consistency by having all sellers use the same size chart, condition chart and return policies. We also feature uniform listing layouts ensuring that vital information is viewable in the same place, every time. Buyers no longer have to deal with the confusion of deciphering each listing, because Fashion Constellate provides a trustworthy shopping experience.

  • Standardized Size Charts - Sellers use the same size charts, so buyers can find items in their size range quickly and easily.
  • Standardized Condition Charts - Sellers use the same condition chart, so buyers can search by condition with confidence.
  • Standardized Listing Layouts - Listing layouts are identical between sellers, so buyers can locate vital information at a glance.
  • Standardized Return Policies - All sellers have the same two options for returns. This presents an easy to understand policy for buyers and gives Fashion Constellate the ability to provide superior support for sellers.
  • Standardized Return Policies?! - We didn’t mean to scare you. This is a good thing! You have two options for each listing, you can accept returns or not accept returns. If you choose to accept returns, then our return policy applies. This policy is based on vintage seller standards (don’t forget, we’re sellers too!) and if this policy is not right for you, you can choose not to accept returns. Whichever option you select, we will support you.  You can read our return policy here: Fashion Constellate Return Policy
  • Seller Standards - Fashion Constellate sellers must be approved before they can open a shop. We expect honesty and integrity from all of our sellers and will remove bad apples as quickly as possible. Both sellers and customers can feel secure knowing that we do not allow dishonest sellers to conduct business here.


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